Kineti-Go Games are a unique line of interactive table games powered entirely by magnets.
All of our games use Kineti-Go's patented, Magnetic Propulsion Technology™ to bring you
highly-charged action with vintage style.

Support & FAQ

To keep all of your Kineti-Go magnetic wooden game boards and puck surfaces in a pristine condition, some maintenance on your part is required. Failure to care for your wooden board games might result in damaged game pieces and/or poor gameplay. In addition to common sense, please follow these simple guidelines to care for your game board and magnetic pucks.
  1. Make sure that your board and pucks are clean and free of debris every time you play. The easiest way to do this is by wiping down your game with Pledge®, or an equivalent wood conditioner/wax. Doing this often will keep the glide of the pucks steady and keep play consistent. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for whichever product you chose to use.
  2. Never throw, toss, slam down or otherwise aggressively handle the wooden game board or magnetic pucks.
  3. Keep the wooden game board and magnetic pucks far away from any liquids, food and/or electronics.
  4. Never place the wooden game board, magnetic pucks or any other elements in or around your mouth.
  5. Each time you have finished playing Snap Attack, place the game board, magnetic pucks and all elements back into its original packaging and store in a cool, dry place.
  6. Keep out of reach of children or pets.
  7. For those of you who demand even more gliding action from your magnetic pucks, we suggest using granular shuffleboard wax. This “wax” essentially acts like tiny wax ball bearings, causing incredible glide, which triggers more interaction between the magnetic pucks. Warning: use only a small pinch of wax at a time.
Each Kineti-Go magnetic game is unique, put together by hand and made of natural wood. As such, the natural color or grain variations will cause the wood to react differently to finishes and/or stains. It is not uncommon to find several contrasts between different Snap Attack games and other Kineti-Go products.
Yes, Snap Attack has obtained a Children’s Product Certificate based on passing test results from UL, which is a CPSC accepted laboratory.
As we grow in popularity our products are selling at a faster rate. Although we try to do our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, there are occasions when we experience spikes in sales that deplete our inventory faster than anticipated. To help provide you with faster service we can personally notify you when the product you were looking for is back in stock and ready to ship. If you would like to take advantage of this service, and be the first to know when a product is back in stock please email orders[at]

In the email please list the subject as “Backorder Request”, then include your name, contact information and the product you would like to order once back in stock. We will then notify you immediately as the product is re-stocked.
Great! We love establishing partnerships with reputable businesses around the country. If you are interested in selling Kineti-Go products, please email sales[at] and we will send you our wholesaler application form. You will need to supply a valid tax ID number, a resellers certificate and place a minimum initial order of $650.00.

Awesome! We love new ideas and we’re always willing to listen to our customers. If you think you might have an awesome idea for a game email us your initial concept(s) and sketches with as many details as possible. If we think you’re on to something we will reach out to you to discuss your idea further and explain how we can work with one another. Email ideas[at]

and let the creative brain candy flow!
Oh no! That's not good! We want to make sure we can do whatever we can to make it right. Please contact us at support[at]

and explain the issue to us. Please include your contact information, the name of the product, where you purchased product, the date you purchased the product and a description of the issue.