Kineti-Go Games are a unique line of interactive table games powered entirely by magnets.
All of our games use Kineti-Go's patented, Magnetic Propulsion Technology™ to bring you
highly-charged action with vintage style.

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Snap Attack!

Snap Attack is a fun and interactive wooden board game for 2-4 players. Each player or team receives 7 powerfully magnetic pucks. The object of the game is to not cause the SNAP ATTACK! Players take turns placing their magnetic pucks on the recessed playing surface while trying not to upset the finely balanced magnetic fields and cause the pucks to snap together. When a player makes a move that causes one or more pucks to snap together–SNAP ATTACK–that player loses the game. When this happens, the player who didn’t cause the SNAP ATTACK is awarded ONE point. Click here for the complete list of rules, gameplay and maintenance.

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